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Morkie Information

Name Morkie
Other Name Yorktese, Malkie, Malki
Mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese Mix
Build Type Small
Life Cycle 12-15 years
Character Watchful, Audacious, Playful, Lively, Even Tempered.
Height 6 to 9 inches (Depend on parent sizes)
Weight 04 to 12 or 15 pounds in some cases of males pounds (Depend on parent sizes)
Color Pure White to Black and Tan


Good with Kids Good with kids, if proper socialized in early ages.
Cat Friendly May do well if raised together.
Child Friendly Good with children, if well introduce in early ages. Not good with too young kids.
Dog Friendly It may dog-friendly if introduced well.
Trainability Depend on handler (averge intelligent and easy to train, however, it needs firm and positive training)
Grooming/Care Regular brushing.
Talent Companion, lap dog and family pet.
Exercise/Activity Needs a daily exercises.
Popularity Moderate
Hypoallergenic No



A little and smaller in size, the Morkie was originated in American by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier with a Maltese. It was bred to be a loving lap dog. Being tiny dogs, the Morkies are fit enough for families who never mind ball playing within the homes. Contrasting to their sizes, the Morkies are very playful, happiest, sociable and beloved dog. It loves run around houses fetching balls and toys, however, it likes to play with kids in yards. Smaller but doing well with all ages, however, rough play with tiny kids is not suggested due to little sizes of Morkie. Smaller kids can hurt this dog by their naughty teasing. It can tend good with other smaller dogs and cats. Keeping in view, their smaller size, large dogs should be avoided as they could hurt them. Outstanding but wilful, the Morkies are with an average intelligent so moderately trainable. Being a sociable and family oriented dog, it can suffer from separation anxiety, so it never left alone or being neglect. When they feel loneliness, they can bark until you come to give him company. The Morkies want a gentle and calm pack-leader for training. Being a frail and easy trainable dog, the harsh methods can annoy it. It should be trained patiently with nice and happy training sessions. Reward based and a praising training can dog well. It can be a good behaving dog and responding to commands if positive reinforcement is ensured. Alike all dogs, it needs early socialization, by this morkie puppies will far from timidity being adult. It combines strength and energy in smaller packages. Contrary to little sizes, it needs moderate per day exercise. It should have a daily brisk walk and stroll. In addition, it should provide with a pretty play time. It would like to chase a ball and doggy toys of his own accord. It would like to adjust to all style of resident. However, it never should be left unattended while off-leash unless in a securely enclosed yard. The Morkies who have not enough daily exercises can tend be destructive in attitude, manners, and doggy etiquettes. It performs well among its family having a lot of interaction. Fun loving, the Morkies thrive in funny tricks. To define a mixed-breed’s coat is not as easy as the pure-bred dogs. However, it sometimes may come with soft and fairly long coats. The color of the coat may range from pure white to black or tan, it may tend to have any color combination of aforementioned colors. Regardless what type of coat the Morkies have, grooming is very necessary. It may need a good amount of grooming, in order to maintain its tidy look, it needs a lot of brushing in a week. According to some Morkie’s owners, for good condition and healthy skin, once a month bath is required. In regard to health issues they prone to eyes, ears and oral health issues, Hypoglycemia, reverse sneezing, portosystemic shunt, collapsed trachea, patellar luxation.


Morkies own a variety of the qualities being a cross of Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier. It has to tend bold and active like terriers and happy go luck like a Maltese. It combines the excitement, energy and confidence in it. The Morkies’ playful nature makes them a nice and sociable house dog. The family-oriented Morkies are with a strong will to attach with the owner and family equally. It comes with a lot of desires to have a plenty of interaction and attention of the whole family. The loyalty and affection are other factors of personality which make it a beloved companion. It bred to be a nice lap dog. It is moderately intelligent, due to its wonderful obedience, the Morkie is easily trainable dog. Sometimes it may tend willful so training and socialization must be started as early as possible in puppyhood. Typically, if the raise together, the Morkies maybe nice behaving dog with other household pets including other small dogs and cats. It may tend to be cautious while interacting with strangers. They can make you alert if sensing an unusual change in surroundings. It also barks to warn you about an unknown is approaching the door. Beware, when it left alone for longer times, it may turn into destruction, it led the dog to excessive barking and digging.

Morkie – Quick Facts:

  1. Alluring, gentle and kind, the Morkies may wonderful companion to old ages and considerate children as well.
  2. It is not suggested for young toddlers due to its little size. It can good around other household animals.
  3. The Morkies can have the bold and active nature of terriers and easygoing tendency of Maltese, so it can be easy to train. It is like to have firm and dedicated owner for training.
  4. It can trained well by positive reinforcement. Sometimes when it sense the handler is meek, it may tend to be stubborn and occasional resistant.
  5. Being a companion dog, it can get hurt from separation anxiety if left alone for long times.
  6. Lively and energetic, contrary to its smaller size, it needs regular exercise including a daily brisk long walk or romp in the yard.
  7. It can tend to live easily in apartment due to its smaller size and nice personality. However, it should have daily exercises and never left unattended when off-leash. A fenced yard is preferred when it off-leash.
  8. It can bark to make you alert when an unknown is approaching the door or when it sensing an unusual change in surroundings.
  9. Mixed breeds are always with various types of coat and shedding, so the coat may vary from dog to dog, but the coat needs daily brushing to maintain its tidy look.
  10. This tiny mixed-breed msust be fed ¼ to 1/2 cup of solid foodstuff twice or thrice a day.
  11. The Litter size of the Morkie is 3 to 5 puppies.
  12. It may inherit some hereditary diseases so you should buy a hybrid dog/puppy only by those breeders who can offer you health clearance certificate for the puppy’s parents.
  13. Always prefer an honest breed when you are purchasing a puppy/dog.
  14. A mixed puppy can be more expensive than purebred dogs, so think a lot before owning a mixed-breed dog.

    Things You Should Know Before Owning A Mixed-Breed Dog:

  1. i. Mixed breeds are not as certain in temperament and personality as purebred dogs.
  2. ii. Mixed dogs are not having certain breed standard to describe in the true spirit of their solid personality, coat and grooming, health issues and training. It may vary from dog to dog and your boy/girl dog may not meet the qualities that are written on any website about a mixed breed.
  3. iii. Mixed-dogs may expensive than the purebred dogs while they come to care and maintenance of health with hereditary diseases.
  4. iv. Nobody can give assurance of their personality traits, grooming, care, health, activity requirement, and training as well. However, a good training and care can make your baby a good temper pet as you like to have.
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 Yorkshire Terrier  Maltese

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