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Horgi Information

Name Horgi
Other Name -
Mix of Husky and Corgi mix
Build Type Small to medium build
Life Cycle 12-15 years
Character Active, agreeable, keen and even tempered.
Height up to 13 inches (Depend on parent sizes)
Weight 20 to 50 pounds (Depend on parent sizes)
Color White, orange, black, brown, tan, orange sable, brindle wolf sable, black, blue, cream and red or parti-color


Good with Kids Maybe Good, if proper socialized in early ages.
Cat Friendly Unpredictable
Child Friendly Can be good with children, if well introduce in early ages.
Dog Friendly Unpredictable
Trainability Depend on handler (normally intelligent and needs firm and positive training)
Grooming/Care Easy to groom, with regular brushing.
Talent Not a Watch/Guard dog (qualities of parent breeds)
Exercise/Activity Depends on which parent dominated in mix dog’s personality.
Popularity Fair Popularity
Hypoallergenic No



The Horgi is a dog of cross-breed, bred by crossing the Husky and Corgi breeds. The Horgi may have the best inherited traits of both the Husky and the Corgi dogs. It might own a nice temperament of its parents. The parents of the Horgi are herding dogs. Its purpose of origination would to get a husky like dog in corgi’s size. These dogs are fit enough for cold and hot weathers as well. Sometimes, it gives a look of German Shepherd. if early socialization is best imposed, It would tend to do well with kids. It would be a nice house dog in smaller sizes. Energetic, the sturdy Horgis are with short legs. The height can ranges by 13 inches or more, however; the weight is somewhere between 20 and 50 pounds. It may own a Corgi or Husky type coat. The coat of the dog may range in colors from shades of sable, brindle, red or all colors of husky or corgi’s coat. It needs not a lot of grooming, however, daily brushing is nice to support the coat in shipshape condition. House training would be a challenge, but its intelligent make it an easy to train dog. The Horgi needs a firm, consistent, and potent trainer. Firm, consistent and positive training is must. It would like to have a lot of running and playing activities to stay fit and healthy. Long walks, run and jogs are very crucial for the health of this dog. To satisfy it, you should give it at least daily long walk. The life cycle of the Horgi can extend from 12 to 15 years.


The Horgi can have a nice temperament if Husky side is prevailing in its personality. It would tend be frank and mild with outgoing and gentle personalty, however is alert. Far more less aggressive, friendly and nicely behaved with strangers. So never can become a good watch dog. By inherited qualities of the Husky parents, it would be keen and warmth companion of your family. It is an active, alert and energetic dog, but with a proper application of the correct training methods it tends to be an even tampered pet. Intelligence of husky makes it to be an easy to train dog. If Corgi side is dominated over the dog’s temperament, it would be endearing, agreeable and loyal to family dog. In addition to pleasing the owner, it tends to love all family members. It must have an early socialization. A good training and proper socialization have a nice impact on the dogs overall personality.

Owner Should Know

  1. Generally, the Horig is too intelligent to train.
  2. It should handle respectfully and gently by a firm leader.
  3. Firm, positive and correct application of training and early socialization is must to avoid the behavioural issues.
  4. Though highly energetic, but exercise requirements are moderate, daily long walk, run or jog can help these dogs to stay healthy.
  5. If the Horgi dogs aren't properly exercised can become destructive.
  6. The Horgi maybe easy to groom, however; daily brushing is best practice.
  7. It may inherit some hereditary diseases so you should buy a hybrid dog/puppy only by those breeders who can offer you health clearance certificate for the puppy’s parents. Always prefer an honest breed when you are purchasing a puppy/dog.
Know About Parents
 Siberian Husky  Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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