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Hybrid Dogs

The term hybrid/Designer/mix and Mutt dogs means a type of dog that may developed by crossing two different purebred dogs. We categories them in following two categories for further understanding:

Hybrid/Mix/Designer Dogs

When the resulting dog comes with a known ancestry with intentional human selection and intervention, it called hybrid, designer or mix dog breed or mix dog only.

Mutt Dogs

When the dogs that originated through a natural crossing of different dogs of unknown breeds/ancestry without human intervention is called Mongrel or Mutt dog.

What we have for you in regard of Designer/Mix/Hybrid dog breeds?

We have a lot of information about Mix/Designer or Hybrid dogs that are recognized by different dog registries. In addition to recognized mix dog breeds we also are endeavoring to disseminate or promulgate the useful information about those mix dogs that are not recognized yet but are more popular or most beloved.