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Cockapoo Information

Name Cockapoo
Other Name Cockerpoo, Cock-A-Poo, Cock A Poo, Spoodle
Mix of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix
Build Type Teacup,Toy and Miniature
Life Cycle Up to 15 years.
Character Playful, lively and Even Tempered.
Height 14 to 15 inches
Weight Teacup Toy: under 6 pounds Toy: under 12 pounds Miniature: 13 to 18 pounds Max weight: 19 pounds
Color Different Colors including brown, black or white with spots of any shade; it can have spots on the muzzle or limbs.


Good with Kids Maybe Good, if proper socialized in early ages.
Cat Friendly Early socialization can make it cat friendly.
Child Friendly Can be good with children, if well introduce in early ages.
Dog Friendly With proper socialization can be Dog friendly.
Trainability Simple and esay to train.
Grooming/Care Easy to groom, with regular brushing.
Talent Retrieving
Exercise/Activity Regular exercise, daily walk is good.
Popularity Moderate
Hypoallergenic Maybe hypoallergenic with dander

Cockapoo - That Make You Fall in Love

The Cockapoos are also had some other names as Cockerpoo, Cock-A-Poo, Cock A Poo, Spoodle. The Cockapoos are being bred as mixed-breed from many generations, earlier by crossing Cocker Spaniel with Poodles, but now Cockapoo to Cockapoo mating is preferred. Since 1950, it is good known throughout the U.S. In 1998, The Cockapoo Club of America has established aiming to develop a well established Cockapoo to Cockapoo dog. These clubs are endeavoring to establish the stability of the traits with a unique distinction to make it a purebred dog in the future. It can be easy-going, sociable and amusing dog, designed to become a nice family dog. The playful, pleasant and joyful Cockapoo can get along with everyone. However, it nicely behaved with children, cats and dogs if raised with them properly from puppyhood. It combines the intelligence of Poodle and lovely personality of Cocker spaniel. It can be odorless with low-shedding and low dander. It needs a firm, and gentle pack leader, however, socialization is also required. The Socialization will ensure the Cockapoo puppy will bring a decent dog in adulthood. It likes to be around their families, so never should leave it alone, it can suffer from separation. The loneliness can develop some behavioral issues. It can live in an apartment without any trouble if sufficiently exercised. It cannot be kenneled or crated. It is recognized by ACHC, DDKC, Amercian Cockapoo Club, North American Cockapoo Registry, The Cockapoo Club of America, DRA, IDCR, Cockapoo Club of U.K. and DBR. To determine its true colors is very complicated, however, it can possess brown, black or white colors with spots of any shade, likewise, it can have spots on the muzzle or limbs. The hairy coat of the Cockapoo can differ from dog to dog. It can either own a Cocker Spaniel’s smooth coat or curly coat of the Poodles. It can be easy to groom, simple to maintain and care. The life Cycle of the Cockapoo can range up to 15 years.


As a mixed-breed, it can inherit the traits of either or both their parents while some seem having more similarity to Cocker Spaniels, other can show more traits of Poodles. Mostly, the Cockapoos are combining the outgoing and loving personality of the Cocker Spaniels with low shedding and low dander qualities of the poodles. The Cockapoos are active and can excel in regular exercises. These dogs can be incredibly agile and can thriving on “retrieve" games and getting pleasure from physical activities including swimming. The needy Cacapoos are very demanding and cannot be left alone for a long time as it can suffer from separation anxiety. If raised with a lot of care, these dogs can be affectionate and happy dogs, loving to their family, tending good with kids and families. Other dogs cannot be hurt by a well bred and socialized Cockapoo. Even these dogs are nice behaving with cats. It may come with a poodle’s high intelligence or an average intelligence of the Cocker Spaniel. However, it is easy and simple to train. It will respect the positive encouragement, and it can be a good option for its training.

Owner Should Know

  1. Normally, the Cockapoo is human-friendly, dog and cat-friendly if socialized, it can behave nicely with children as well.
  2. It needs early socialization and should train properly to prevent behavioral issues. It should not be left alone, kenneled or crated.
  3. These dogs may own the intelligence of Poodle and playful nature of Cocker Spaniels so can simple and easy to train.
  4. To avoid the behavioral issues, the firm, positive and correct application of training in conjunction with good socialization is must.
  5. Playful and lively, but needs moderate exercises, it can adapt apartment life when sufficiently exercised. It can excel on activities particularly on retrieving.
  6. If the Cockapoos aren’t sufficiently exercised may become destructive.
  7. The Cockapoo’s coat can differ from dog to dog, however it can be easy to groom and daily brushing can be well enough to maintain its coat.
  8. It may inherit some hereditary diseases so you should buy a hybrid dog/puppy only by those breeders who can offer you health clearance certificate for the puppy’s parents. Always prefer an honest breed when you are purchasing a puppy/dog.
Know About Parents
 Cocker Spaniel  Poodle

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