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Bossi-Poo Information

Name Bossi-Poo
Other Name -
Mix of Boston Terrier and Poodle mix
Build Type Small
Life Cycle 12-15 years
Character Playful clown, teasing and comic
Height 12 to 15 inches (Depend on parent sizes)
Weight 30 to 40 pounds (Depend on parent sizes)
Color Black, Light Brown / Golden, Black & White and Dark Brown / Chocolate


Good with Kids May tend to be good if properly socialized in early ages
Cat Friendly May tend to be good if properly socialized in early ages
Child Friendly May tend to be good if properly socialized in early ages
Dog Friendly May tend to be good if properly socialized in early ages
Trainability Active and intelligent Bossi-Poos can respond well varied training routines involving constructive incentive.
Grooming/Care May easy to groom, once a week brushing
Talent Agility, Watchdog, Competitive Obedience
Exercise/Activity Depends on which parent dominated in mix dog’s personality.
Popularity Moderate
Hypoallergenic No



Mix of Boston Terrier and Poodle is the Bossi-Poo. Medium sized, Bossi-Poo are with a compact and muscular body with 12 to 15 inches height and 25 to 50 pounds weight. Tending to be intelligent, kind and good natured with jumping and running interests. The Bossi-Poo dogs may extremely docile and agile with a fun-loving personality. These dogs can be loyal and endearing pet having great tendency to be active joking ability. It forms an outstanding housedog. Being an offspring of poodle and boston terrier it may tend to be good with kids, moreover watchful and sounding an alarm by barking when perceive something wrong. Thus it might be a watchdog. It encompass some talents including agility, watchdog, competitive obedience. Moreover, it may pretend to face all weather conditions. The Bossi-Poos can have only single coat, it depends on which side is dominate boston or poodle. The coat of this mix breed may be either tight and curly or stiff, soft and smooth on the skin. It might shed a little to low and low to no shedding. It may need once a week brushing in order to maintain its tidy look. Doggie sweater in winter and time-to-time bathe in summer is required in order to proper care of dog. It is highly recommended, these dogs must have early socialization and obedience training. It can overcome the willfulness if have. It is an active as well as intelligent mix dog who cans respond nicely to training, which is purposeful and random in routine but interesting in nature. Moreover, it may adjustable in apartment if it has a fair amount of daily exercise indoor or outdoor. It needs at least 40 to 60 minutes daily activities in order to maintain their fitness. The exercise may include daily long walk, running and jog, dog games or tricks in an enclosed yard. The life cycle of these Boston terrier and poodle mix dogs may range from 12 to 15 years.


Bossi-Poo, the Mix of Boston Terrier and Poodle may come with an affectionate, frank, loyal and agreeable personality. These dogs may tend to be intelligent, fun loving, joking, tricky and kind with gentle attitude. Generally, these dogs may come with well-formed docile and obedient nature, but sometimes can be willful and stubborn. It only barks when thinks barking is necessary to alert the master. With an outstanding early socialization and training, it may tend to be a wonderful companion and housedog. In order to communicate its affection and pleasing personality, it may stretch out their paws to the people. Equally, good with children, elder people, dogs and cats, including other pets as well. It can tend to be an untiring playing friend of the kids. It may be adjust in any kind of environments and settings.

Owner Should Know

  1. More likely, like other puppies, they also required an early socialization and the positive training. Proper socialization and good training has a vital impact on the dog’s overall temperament.
  2. It may easy to train but sometimes can willful.
  3. Although, these dogs are good with kids, however, it felt necessary to teach your children, how to approach and interact with dogs. They should teach well under your supervision. Moreover, senior individual of the family may find it an ever delightful, pleasing and trustful companion.
  4. They should trained firmly, gently and consistently in order to prevent the behavioral disorders.
  5. In order to maintain their physical stature and health as well, it needs at least 40 to 60 minutes per day exercise. It can live in apartment with an ease if sufficiently exercise.
  6. Remember, if they have not proper exercises as required, the Bossi-Poo dog can be ill mannered and destructive for an owner.
  7. The Bossi-Poos may be easy to groom. It may need once a week brushing.
  8. It may inherit some hereditary diseases so you should purchase a hybrid dog/puppy only by those breeders who can offer you health clearance certificate for the puppy’s parents. Always prefer an honest breed when you are purchasing a puppy/dog.
Know About Parents
 Boston Terrier  Bossi-Poo