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Aki-Poo Information

Name Aki-Poo
Other Name -
Mix of Akita and Poodle mix
Build Type Medium
Life Cycle 10-15 years
Character Like their parents, it may become loving, affectionate and very friendly.
Height Somewhere between 15 to 28 inches (Depend on parent sizes)
Weight Somewhere between 45 and 120 pounds pounds (Depend on parent sizes)
Color It can own any color of parent breeds.


Good with Kids May Tend good with kids with proper early socialization.
Cat Friendly May do well if raised together.
Child Friendly May do good with children, if well introduce in early ages.
Dog Friendly It may good if introduced well.
Trainability Depend on handler, but if own intelligence of Poodle it may tend easily trainable.
Grooming/Care Depend on coat type they own.
Talent N/A
Exercise/Activity May need a good deal of daily exercises.
Popularity Low
Hypoallergenic No



Aki-Poos bred by crossing the Akita and Standard Poodle for the purpose to have a dog with best traits of Akita and Poodle. It may composed on medium build and good physique. The bold and lively, sturdy enough to meet the perceived dangers to the owner and family. The wonderful mixed dogs can inherit the courage, loyalty, affection and intelligenc of parent breeds. If it inherit best traits of its parents, it can tend nice behaving, charming, playful and easygoing dog, moreover it can get alon with kids if raised and socialized with them. The Aki-Poo can own tendency of vocality but not bark extensively. It may easy to train while having hereditary intelligence of parents. While it have not correctly tought, the breed can not do good with smaller kdis as like an Akita. When it comes to training, it may wish to have a consistent, firm, gentle and reward base training and trainer as well. Firm yet gentle training can be a key feature to make it an even temper dog. To satisfy its primal instinct to walk, it should have a long walk every day. In order to make it healthy and fit, it needs to have a good amount of daily exercises. The Aki-Poos may tend to have any type of Coat of its Parent breeds. As it parents need a lot of grooming and care so it may need somewhat extensive grooming to be neat and clean dog. The Aki-Poos can have some hereditary health issues. The life cycle may range from 10 to 15 years.


Same like the parent breeds, it may tend to be affectionate, loving, loyal and frank toward owner. If it inherit the intelligence of its parent breeds, the dog can tend to be trainable and keen learner. It may tend to be tricky and thrive in Retrieving and agility like a Poodle breed. These wonderful hybrid dogs may have tendency to be nice with kids but if it own a nature of Akita and not properly taught, it can not good with toodlers. If left untrained and alone for longer periods of times, can tend toward destructive behavior and rude attitude thus it not co-exist harmoniously with other pets and children at homes. Like a Poodle it can have a keen tendency of retrieving and water sporting. It may tend somewhat calm like Poodles. Sometimes, like an Akita parent, it can very vocal but not extensive barking dog. Being solitary it can suffer from seperatin anxiety so never left it alone. Correct training application with early Obedeince and introduction may do good.

Quick Facts of Aki-Poo

  1. A cross of Akita and Poodle, can have best traits of both breeds.
  2. The Aki-Poos may own the boldness of Akita and intelligence of Poodles, so it can be easy to train. It is like to have firm and dedicated owner for training, it can trained well by positive reinforcement.
  3. Being alone, it can get hurt from separation anxiety if left alone for long times.
  4. It can tend to be bold, spirited and energetic thus it can need a good amount of daily exercises.
  5. It can be vocal like an akita but not come with abundent barking.
  6. The unpredicted grooming can range from daily to once a week brushing for its good maintenance.
  7. It may inherit some hereditary diseases so you should buy a hybrid dog/puppy only by those breeders who can offer you health clearance certificate for the puppy’s parents. Always prefer an honest breed when you are purchasing a puppy/dog.

Things You Should Know Before Owning A Mixed-Breed Dog:

  • i. Mixed breeds are not as certain in temperament and personality as purebred dogs.
  • ii. Mixed dogs are not having certain breed standard to describe in the true spirit of their solid personality, coat and grooming, health issues and training. It may vary from dog to dog and your boy/girl dog may not meet the qualities that are written on any website about a mixed breed.
  • iii. Mixed-dogs may expensive than the purebred dogs while they come to care and maintenance of health with hereditary diseases.
  • iv. Nobody can give assurance of their personality traits, grooming, care, health, activity requirement, and training as well. However, a good training and care can make your baby a good temper pet as you like to have.
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