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Affenpoo Information

Name Affenpoo
Other Name -
Mix of Affenpinscher and Poodle mix
Build Type Small
Life Cycle 12-16 years
Character Obedient, active, agile and playful
Height 10-18 inches
Weight 14-24 pounds
Color Common colours are shades of black other are black, brown, tan or gray


Good with Kids May tend to be good with kids
Cat Friendly May cat friendly if raised together
Child Friendly May frank with child if treated respectfully
Dog Friendly With good training and socialization can be dog friendly
Trainability Easy to train if you are sure pack leader
Grooming/Care May come with less Grooming
Talent Competitive obedience, Agility, Watchdog and Tricks
Exercise/Activity Depends on which parent dominated in mix dog’s personality.
Popularity Moderate
Hypoallergenic No



Affenpoo is the mix of Affenpinscher and Poodle. It may have either qualities of Affenpinscher or Poodle. Its sizes may vary according to the size of parents. These dogs are uncommon and not so popular as poodle and affenpinscher. It may tend to be watchful, agile, and tricky. With a proper training methods application it may be loyal, playful and energetic if ignored can be destructive. The affenpoos may come with less grooming requirement. In order to maintain its shaggy, soft and thick coat it may required moderate combing and brushing. Bathe is when needed. The inherited intelligence of poodle enables them to learn with an ease and quickly, however, proper, positive, firm and gentle training is needed. If you are a firm and positive owner, it can act accordingly on given commands. It may like to have some activity and physical exertion in order to maintain its health and fitness. Life cycle of affenpoo may range up to 16 years.


According to the some breeders, these dogs may tend to be affectionate, loving, friendly and willing to please. These dogs love to be in circle of the humans. It may tend to be a true family dog if not ignored. It comes with an outstanding poodle intelligence that may enable them to learn things quickly and to be highly trainable. It may have a great wish to approach to the people around them. It may curious, watchful and easy going. A daily mental and physical stimulation may make them happy and jovial dog. When it is not treated with a caring attitude it tends to be short temper. The good training and proper socialization is paramount for every dog not only affenpoos. You can induce a nice temperament by good training and your personal behavior.

They are happy and the watchful dogs. They like to be busy with something and love to play. They have unique temperaments, playful and curious with a will to approach people around them. Early age socialization, consistent training may affect the temperaments of all dogs not only the affenpoo. They are even tempered dog usually but sometimes may tend to be short temper.

Owner Should Know

  1. Affenpoos can be either like an affenpinscher or Poodle parent.
  2. Affenpoos are playful, loyal, and lively, but occasionally short tempered and domineering of their things.
  3. Easy to train with a firm and gentle owner, moreover, it is able to learn quickly.
  4. Typically, Affenpoos may tend to be lovely, gentle and nicely behaving with kids, but it should be taught to the children how to interact with dogs, Sometimes, it may not good with small kids due to rough play.
  5. They may tend to get along well with other pets, including dogs and cats, if raised together.
  6. The Affenpoo may like to play and to be busy in order to be healthy and fit.
  7. It may inherit some hereditary diseases so you should purchase a hybrid dog/puppy only by those breeders who can offer you health clearance certificate for the puppy’s parents.
  8. Always prefer an honest breed for puppy purchasing.
Know About Parents
 Affenpinscher  Poodle

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